Quality Policy

Quality policy of EXAN corroborates the responsibility of the company to the direction of effective management of quality.

The Administration of the company attends to the notification to its staff, suppliers and customers, the so much important of quality policy, and its legislative and normative requirements which rule company’s operation.

Quality policy consists the following main points:

  • Continuous recognition of market (contacts with customers, suppliers, excibitions, etc).
  • Aid of company recognition and its products through effective promotion ways.
  • Search of most suitable suppliers and evaluate them
  • Growth of steady cliental base.
  • Steady billing policy
  • Collaboration with other companies aiming at the increase of knowledge and the infiltration in internal and abroad markets
  • Collaboration with companies consuls
  • Reduction of functional cost and biggest exploitation of productive possibilities
  • Standards observation
  • Continuous education and improvement of company’s staff
  • Accent in research and development of new products with high quality
  • Effective operation of quality control system. For the guarantee of all above mentioned, Exan applies quality control system EN ISO 9001:2000 and its products are manufactured according to directive 95/16/EU and the requirements of the requested Models: EN 81.1 – 81.2. +A3, 2006.42, 81.41, 81.28,  81.70,  81.73.


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