Lift parts


Exan produces complete hydraulic and traction passenger elevators, cargolifts, hydraulic platforms type compact, hydraulic homelift type famiLIFT and Service lift.

Into our company's facilities we produce power units, car frames, cabins, doors, speed governors, guide brackets, complete platforms, car and landing operation panels etc. We supply also control panels with serial pre-wired installation. 



Hydraulic passenger elevators

Traction passenger elevators

Hydraulic platform for goods type Compact

Hydraulic lifts for heavy load - Autolifts

Machine roomless elevator ECO MRL Gearless

Automatic folding doors type BUS


Hydraulic homelift type famiLIFT

Hydraulic lift for goods type serviceLIFT

Renovation of old lifts

Cabins collection

Autonatic Doors

Semi-automatic doors

Electrical Installation

Operation panels






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