StairLess Lifting Platform

Vertical lifting platform StairLess has designed to offer access for persons with impaired mobility in places where elevator is not possible to be installed

 It can be installed almost everywhere,like public places, private houses, stores and shopping malls. 

  • No need of lift shaft. Complete system just fixed in any surface.
  • Power consumption like any household electrical appliance.
  • Harmonization with each space environment using a wide range of materials and colors. Platform coating with several materials like safety glass, stainless steel, wooden floor etc. Power unit and electrical control panel can be placed inside a special cabinet.
  • Submersible motor operating inside the hydraulic oil for absolute noiseless operation.
  • Certification according Machine Directive 2006/42/EC    

Safety parts:

Call – send buttons continues pressing.

Safety gears with hand pump.

Piston rapture valve.

Overload pressure switch with sound indicator.

Emergency bell button.

STOP latching buttons.

Platform floor with special safety system to the bottom. In case of interrupt for any reason, platform immobilizes.

Slack chain valve.

                 Automatic platform ramp (Up to 2m travel).  

                 Doors 1,1m height with automatic electric locks.

                 Manual lowering in case of emergency



Max travel




Max number of stops


Min shaft pit

120mm or ramp

Clear door opening

800mm – 1100mm

Clear door height


Motor power

1,5kw – 2,2kw

Power supply

230V or 400V



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