Electrical installation


  Exan offers complete electrical installation for hydraulic and traction elevators. Installation takes place with only 1 flat cable 24x0,75mm which is prewired with main control panel and car revision box. Landing operation panels are connected with only 3 cables using serial connection, making installation easy and quickly. Car operation panel, magnet switches, pit control box are already prewired for avoid any mistake during installation.


ZERO control panel for hydraulic elevator


  • Full serial pre-wired electrical installation
  • Automatic emergency operation
  • High quality materials
  • Microprocessor technology
  • LCD display with operation buttons on the main board
  • Serial communication between control panel - cabin - operation panels
  • VVVF technology available
  • Gearless technology available
  • Up to 18 stops


VVVF control panel


2speed control panel


Emergency operation panel

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