Hydraulic lift for goods type serviceLIFT


Hydraulic cargo lift type serviceLIFT is mostly used into restaurants or offices for lifting goods. Includes stainless steel cabin with double deck and stainless steel doors opening up-down or right-left. Hydraulic system is high quality with noisless and smooth operation as motor operates inside the oil just like passenger elevators. Power unit and control panel, because of their small dimensions, can be fitted anywhere or optionaly inside the special cabinet. Supplied with landing operation panels in stainless steel, include direction arrows, stop button and ''present''. It's delivered with full pre-installed metal structure making installation very easy and quick. Available also with single-phase motor 230V.


TYPE SL150 SL300
Max stops (mm) 4 4
Max travel (mm) 9000 9000
Speed (m/sec) 0,20 0,20
Motor power (Kw) 2,0 or 3,0 2,0 or 3,0
Control valve KV1S KV1S
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